Monthly Sabha February 1Feb 28, Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram: The message for the Monthly Satsang Sabha for February constitutes of the following core points:

Place the Divine, the inner path on the top of your priority list. The practical way to do that is to begin your day with remembrance of the Divine. However, for most of us it is “Tea” we begin our day with rather than God. Similarly, round up your day again with prayer/meditation. Take leave of all works and thoughts before going to sleep and just relax and meditate. And spare few minutes before every meal to thank the Lord; it is a great blessing to partake of a good meal. Even the wealthy are sometimes deprived of it; troubled by numerous diseases they can’t partake of proper food.

Treat the Divine as a Master and not as a servant who is supposed to fulfill our every wish, if he is to receive our love and adoration. Usually we remember the Divine only to fulfill one of our needs and that is it. 

Since most of the gathering of the monthly sabha constituted of nearby villagers, Swamiji rounded up the discourse by inspiring them to participate with greater zeal in the practices that take place regularly in the temple. The villagers were asked to make as much use of the this possibility present so close to them, for which other people travel from so far. If we can’t even walk a few miles to pray to the Lord, then how can we say that we have given Him the highest priority in our lives. But, indeed there are some devotees who visit, sit and meditate in the temple every single day.

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