Monthly Satsanga Sabha - November, 2015 Nov 29, 2015, Shabad Surati Sangam Ashram, Mallke, Moga: In this monthly satsanga sabha, both Swamiji and Sadhviji have tried to inspire the sangat to enlarge their boundaries. They speak about the institution of ashrams and their role in spiritual growth.

In the course of his talk (listen or download here), Swamiji makes a very intriguing point. He says that “works” are not the goal. That, when he urges people to come and serve in the ashrams it isn’t because the ashram needs their services. Rather, the situation is exactly opposite. The works that the ashram provides us, in the form of seva, are an opportunity for our own growth. Swamiji urges all to understand this very clearly that outer works are not the goal; the goal is within. Swamiji also brings out the difference between works done at home, and those done at the ashram. Though the kind of works appear quite similar  at both places, yet, the works at homes are mostly done out of attachment. The ashram, on the other hand, is a home for all. No single person has a claim over it. Therefore, here we learn the lesson of selfless service; working without seeking the fruits of one’s actions for oneself – all of which gradually purifies the ego, which leads to the manifestation of one’s inherent bliss.

Another related theme that Swamiji touches in this discourse is about the fact that it is not our job to improve or help anyone. Through whatever we do, we are only improving or helping ourselves. So, there is no need to see faults in anyone. In fact, we see the faults only as long as there is a gap. He says, that if one really sees, no one is wrong. The moment we say, someone is wrong we are denying the presence of divinity in them. To call out someone wrong, is the biggest wrong in itself. The truth is, the limitations that we see in others are an opportunity to raise our level so much, erase ourselves so much, that the gap between I and You is erased.

Sadhwiji, in a very crisp story (which can be listened or downloaded here), urges the nearby villagers to use the opportunity of the ashram to expand their boundaries.

The effect of Swamiji’s and Sadhviji’s words is clearly there to be seen. These days a number of villagers of Malke and Panj-Grain can be seen walking (or driving) to the ashram, every morning at dawn (despite the cold and fog). Some come and leave after the daily puja, while others stay back for the entire time, participating in the morning meditation and aarati-stotra routine of Tripur Shiva Peetham.

Swamiji also had a further announcement to make: Now anyone can be in direct touch with him through Whatsapp, on the number 9417267947.