12th December, Sihala (Punjab): The message delivered at Sihala, past week was that basic idea which flows seen and unseen through all religions and spiritual philosophies etc.: meditate, meditate, O mind, meditate. Through various ways, the indispensability of this fundamental process for blossoming of life was laid out before the gathered devotees. Brahmachari Guru Chaitanya first addressed the gathering and inspired the devotees to enjoy the mass meditation retreats that are held under the direct guidance of Maharaj Ji from time to time. After this, Sadhwi Yoganjali Chaitanya took the message further deep and in a resounding call to the audience said that just like without the rituals of worship the temples, gurudwaras etc. lose their foundation and reduce to being merely structures of stone and soil; similarly without the ritual of meditation, morning and evening, the temple of this human body is reduced to nothing but a mass of rotting flesh, disease and death.

And Shri Maharaj Ji’s words put the defining seal on the opinions expressed earlier. Starting from the eternal wisdom, the common experience of all sages, seers and saints: ‘Mann Tu Jyoti Swaroop Hai, Apna Mool Pachana (O Mind, Your Nature is the Luminous Light, Realize Your True Roots) Maharaj Ji expressed the great advantage of mediation-in-groups and hence the utility of the environment of the mass meditation camps held periodically at Malke Ashram. The need, Maharaj Ji said is to understand and realize that attainment of God (the goal of meditation) is our one prime purpose of life and all other things are for its aid. When such clarity of a resolute goal finds the support of focused practice in a spiritually charged environment then the results are but all coming. The discourses were followed by the sweet chanting of ‘Shri Raam Dhun’ where all swayed to the intoxicating vibes of Hari Naam (The Lords Name).