14-18 Nov, 2011: While Shri Maharaj Ji and Sadhviji returned to India, Swami Suryendu Puri Ji continued on his journey further into Europe. He first visited Italy where he was hosted by Devotee Dharampal Ji’s family.¬†Italy is blessed with natural beauty and its atmosphere is charged with their great religious and cultural heritage. People in general are very hospitable and open. At the same time they are curious to keep pace with the changing world. This unplanned visit gave opportunity to visit the local churches and be acquainted with the christian beliefs and traditions as well.

It was a very short and quick visit so it wasn’t possible to meet many people or conduct programs. Most of the time was devoted to visit devotees there and gratify their hospitality more than their spiritual needs. Baljinder Ji from Kakrala, Ravinder Ji from Sanipur, Ritu from Moga invited Swami ji to their places and it gave him an opportunity to see the length and breadth of Italy in great detail. Besides, these family visits attracted many people curious about Indian Culture, Religion and Spiritual Traditions.

As the visit was meant for more than mere paying visits to friends and enjoy their hospitality, theory and practice of Surya Kriya and Sanjivani Kriya was shared with people. This actually inspired them to share their physical and mental problems which were also limiting their spiritual progress. Further, discussion about a healthy and happy living also took place and the correct way of breathing and eating were explained. In places like Italy the idea of leaving meat eating was a little hard to understand but when it comes to spiritual evolution, an aspirant can easily grasp its importance. Hence many seeds, seen and unseen were thus sown in innumerable ways, waiting for the spring to spread their fragrance all around.