Poh Sankranti Sabha16 Dec 2015, Harisar Ashram, Kila Raipur: The Pausha/Poh or Pokh (as per Gurbani) Sankranti was a day of straight, heart to heart talk. Both Sadhviji and Swamiji had very clear and direct messages to share. Their discourses can be heard by following the links given on this page or in the “Discourses” section of the website.

Sadhviji’s Discourse (Click here to listen or download)

As is the tradition, Sadhviji was the first to speak. She started, as has been her custom, by invoking the beautiful verses from Gurbani: ਪੋਖਿ ਤੁਖਾਰੁ ਨ ਵਿਆਪਈ ਕੰਠਿ ਮਿਲਿਆ ਹਰਿ ਨਾਹੁ॥  – The cold of the month of Pokh is not felt by those who have obtained/enshrined the name of Hari in their throats. In this discourse, Sadhviji explains, in detail, what it means to have the name enshrined in the throat. Its truth is revealed only through practice. Usually, we chant the Name through the action of the tongue and the lips. But when the mind and prana begin to travel inwards, then the Name comes to reside in the throat. The vibrations of the Name are felt there, and they in turn, go on opening the throat center and travel deeper within.

Sadhviji knows that such concepts are difficult to follow for all. But still she urges the listeners to try, for how long shall we be satisfied by sitting in one class alone. Given, these deeper aspects are indeed abstruse in the beginning but if you really set your mind to it you can make inroads to experience them. To inspire the audience, she shares the classic tale of Bopadeva – the “dull” student, who nonetheless grew to become the great Panini, because he came to believe in himself, despite all odds.

From here on Sadhviji’s discourse is all about purging our misformed and naïve notions. She shares that since the previous month many people have started practicing meditation every morning from 5 am to 5:30 am. She says, that such disciplining of the mind is very essential. However, she quotes other people who tend to say that they are not interested in doing such tender, half-hour practices; that when they will start practicing (right now they don’t) then they will put so much effort into it, that they will not stop until attaining Samadhi. But Sadhviji says, this is just self-delusion. One who isn’t prepared to take small steps today, how can he manage to run tomorrow!

Swamiji’s Discourse (Click here to listen or download)

Swamiji’s current discourse is truly a rollercoaster ride. But this ride does not promise entertainment, but transformation.

Swamiji begins by saying that another year is about to pass (it is the month of December). Soon, a page in the calendar will get changed, a few black hair will be replaced by a few white ones, and some more wrinkles will appear on the face. And all this while, there are only two possibilities for us: Either we are coming closer to the Divine, or going away from It.

Swamiji says that he marvels to see people who are about to pass away, who are old and aged and only wish to visit Canada once, before they die.

Swamiji’s clear message is: think about what we are doing and take responsibility for this opportunity. Swamiji keeps coming back, again and again to this core message, through different routes.

Among the many statements that he makes, in a very persuasive style, one is: people say that these days dharma is also being propagated. But in truth only business is being propagated in the attire of dharma.

He also has another message to impart and that relates to children. He tells the satsangis, that every parent wishes to give the best to their children. So, if we truly understand the value of satsanga and spirituality ourselves, then we would not deliberately keep our children away from it. Swamiji says that he goes dumbstruck when while being a guest at some home, he observes that the first thing parents ask their children in the morning is to come for breakfast. A roti (bread) has become more important to us than God, he says.

The message is just this: give first priority to the path. And also, if you truly consider yourself satsangis, then encourage your children about it as well.