Sadhvi Ji giving discourse at Nanaksar Gurudwara in Brampton

5 June, Bramton. Sadhvi Yoganjali Chaitanya was invited to Nanaksar Gurudwara in town to share her wisdom with the devotees there. There had been a close connection between the lineage of Nanaksar Gurudwara and that of Kila Raipur since the time of Swami Dev Puri Ji Maharaj ‘Kambli Wale’. The authorities there were well aware of this fasct and thus they showered all their love and respect over Sadhvi Ji and also informed the devotees there about this connection. Sadhvi Ji guided them all on the path of Naam-Simran and inspired them to bring some discipline in their life. The participants as well as the committee were so enthralled by her discourse that they insisted her to visit there for their weekly gathering whenever she is there in town.