Qila Raipur, 26 February. During Sadhwi Ji’s visit to Australia last month a devotee from Lapran had requested for her presence in bhandara conducted by them at Harisar Ashram, Qila Raipur. Obviously, Sadhwi Ji’s presence meant more than mere bhandara and thus a satsang sabha was organized there on 26th of feb. Devotees from all the nearby villages reached there to take her blessings and benefit from her teachings. Sadhwi Ji asked them all to provide some room in their heart for God and pray to Him whenever they could. She also inspired them to participate in sadhna camps and satsang as it would keep their mind focused and add to their momentum. She even assured them that if they could abondon all their worldly affairs for some time and take part in sadhna camps for spiritual growth then even their household would be taken care of by the God himself. Moreover, all the business of this world run by Him after all but the spiritual progress is our personal reponsibility and if we don’t take care of this then we would not be able to perform our worldly duties properly as well.