30 June, Downtown Toronto. It was the house of Gurdass Singh ‘Gary’ & Manjeet being blessed by the divine presence of Maharaj Ji. In a family and familiar atmosphere satsang stage was set up by the elder son of the hosts. The young brain was curious to know the┬ásignificance of family life as he felt that parents waste their life working hard for their kid’s future and expect to be happy in future by seeing their kids happy and in this way everyone lives in future and miss the beautiful present. But Maharaj Ji explained to him what the true happiness is. It is not in acheivements or sensary pleasures, not even in possessions or profession. The true happiness lies inside but the door to inside is unloacked when we open our heart by giving to others. The family is a best platform to learn this because there due to very love and affection you tend to share and sacrifice. In this way it doesn’t take much efforts to expand your consciousness. By performing your family duties honestly you reach to a level where you can connect to the super-consciousness which is the source of ultimate happiness.