Maharaj Ji talking to devotees on the eve of departing from Vancouver

22 June, Delta. It was time to say good-bye to vancouver after an eventful week here. In just a week time hundreds of people participated in various programs at different locations and learnt about various spiritual practices such as Surya Kriya, Agni Kriya & Sanjivani Kriya. They also learnt how to breathe completely and deeply and chant ‘Aum’ properly. There was so much in just one week that it was hard to bid farewell. Due to the radio interview with Harjinder Singh Thind, hundreds of aspirants managed to make use of this opporunity of learning mystic practices in its original form. Hundreds of questions were heared and answered and still there were more. Maharaj Ji patiently answered them all and inspired the aspirants to come up with more. He said that if you practice and ask, your consciousness evolves and expands further but if you just ask and don’t practice then only your ego grows big and bigger.

There were many who wanted to bear this torch in their hands so Maharaj Ji suggested them all to practice sincerely taking guidance from the ashram to experience the miracle for themselves. Then they would be properly trained and prepared to spread the light further.