Belgaum, the second biggest district of Karnataka after Bangalore is now known as Belagavi. Retd. Justice from Bangalore High Court, Mr. Pachhapure Arvind along with an NGO ‘Hitaishi’ had organized various programs here for people from all walks of life. Lead by Swami Suryendu Puri Ji these talks were respectively addressed to, a) lawyers from Advocates Associations, b) soon-to-be doctors from JN Medical College, c) up-and-coming engineers from The Institution of Engineers and well of course, d) commoners. A glimpse from the sublime talks is presented here.


February 10, JN Medical College, Belagavi: There are two ways to live this life. One is called as herd mentality (bhed-chaal in Hindi), i.e. we act blindly believing and saying that this is how it is done now a day. Or, being humans and having individualized consciousness we make a choice. Just to make a quick assessment of which category we might belong to, let’s try a question. Have we ever thought about why do we have two nostrils when all we have to do with them is breathe in and breathe out? Probably because we just never chose to enquire about that. Isn’t that so?

Now the secret is that in a healthy body, breath alters every hour between these two nostrils. At times, right side predominates while during other times left one takes charge. It keeps on changing. Since our left nostril is connected with brain, whenever we are occupied in some work requiring utmost attention we might observe left nostril at work. And since right side is connected with naval region, when we do some laborious work right side prevails. This secret is a secret to get through way too many problems.

Body is not a bicycle that you can divide in parts. Though it might sound odd but this is a common mistake most of the doctors commit. They treat body as a machine, which actually is a unit. Even the slightest of needle-prick is capable to alarm our body throughout. And the base of it lies at the expense of breath. So if breath is what we could understand everything would begin to fall at its place. For example, a) we have got exams but do not feel like studying. Let your left nostril take over. Brain will get active and begin to settle down. b) We tend to get acidity. Let your right nostril be on working mode and then eat. Food will get digested. c) Got constipation. Our first inclination is to pressurize the system. But if we instead let our right nostril work, it would become much easier.

Summarizing this swar-vigyan sutra, a) whenever you intake liquid diet, let your left nostril get activated. And b) whenever you consume solid food, let right nostril work. Because the moment nostrils changes, your physical condition changes. Your mental state changes. And thus the things change. It often happens that when we do not wish to sleep, we tend to sleep however if we wish to have a nap or good nights sleep we struggle through it. Same principle applies. Let right nostril activate so that left side connected to brain can tend to cease inflow of thoughts. This is no miracle. It’s pure science.


It is said that eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Now we definitely need to reconsider our definitions here. To begin with, we might not have seen a king but we surely have seen a beggar. The moment a beggar gets food, he’ll gobble it up, feeding himself as much as he can. On the contrary, since king has a lot of options he’ll be very selective. He tends to have sufficient and required diet. Isn’t it? Point here is that morning time is cleansing time. But if we will instead keep on piling it up, i.e. higher intake as opposed to lesser intake, wastes will eventually get accumulated and thus invite dis-eases. And right this; understanding your body is all about spirituality. You have to be friends with your body, your own mind, and your prana. And unless you do that, you cannot be happy. You cannot be healthy.

Even for relationships, you need to understand your body and mind. If we cannot understand ourselves, how can we understand others? And when it comes to priorities, if we choose money over relationships we are bound to have struggles and squirms in the later. So, in order to live a confident and a complete life priorities need to be sorted. And first and foremost well of course comes Him. Even after such advanced researches, Stephen Hawking, the renowned modern science scientist has said that so far we have managed to somewhat explore just a negligible fraction of this entire universe. And on top of that what we know for sure is that is expanding. In other words, we have not explored even 1% of this universe and are way long to ever do that. So why not instead seek the Creator directly and get this problem solved instantly.

Then comes, on second number, family and friends. If we cannot love those around us how can we truly love others? However, opposite scenario prevails. Often a person loved and respected deeply by outsiders is considered to be scary at home. His behavior chameleon-izes, as they say it. And then on third number, lets keep ourselves there. Think about your health, and your happiness. Health just doesn’t mean absence of diseases. There need to be harmony in every aspect of life. Even the WHO definition of health includes it all.

So we need to understand and work on these. We must not consider our patient an object. He is not merely a source of earning money. Share love instead because money is fleeting, it keeps on doing in and out. Money is a tool. Use it. But don’t be a slave of it. And if we could find ourselves believing this, all the issues and problems will get resolved. We will not be able to cheat anyone or find someone at fault. He resides in all. By learning to respect humans first, i.e. at least visualizing Him in living beings we’ll be thereafter able to see Him in objects, and then only He, Himself, whom we call as God.


(A question from someone at audience)

When we are doing some work and our concentration is jumping on wanting to do multi-tasking, how to focus on the working-hand?

A very simple technique can be followed. Feel your breath going in and out at the tip of your nose while at the same time not allowing tip of tongue touch anywhere within the mouth. Take 5-7 long deep breaths, and body will relax completely. You’ll be able to focus.

And in case you are very tensed, there is yet another easy to follow practice. Close your eyes tightly having your fists clenched. Hold your breath till the count of twenty and then release instantly. On repeating this for 2-3 times, by the end of it you’ll feel heat finding it’s way out of your eyes and brain, and you’ll be relaxed.

There is yet another technique, deep inhaling with eyes wide open and then exhaling with eyes shut tightly. But this is a bit aggressive step. If you are surrounded by someone, people might just think you are crazy 😉 .