Sunday Sabha; 30th January, 2011; Malke Ashram: Time rolls on continuously and the aspirants better be on their guard to best utilize their sojourn on Earth to unearth the treasure that lies within their marvelous, divinity-gifted bodies. In response to a query Maharaj Ji clarified that attaining the human body is not the result of positive karmas but is attributable to only the grace of the Divine; just like the sun, moon, air etc. are also owe their existence to the Divine. Similarly, it is also the play and grace of the Divine which transfers the prana and the mind et. al. at the time of death into another body.

Yet, the realization of such things is a gradual process just like the process of digging the earth to find water: first the efforts bring out only stones and mud and only after sustained ‘kriya’ of ‘digging’ is the ‘elixir’ found. Therefore, if the mind does not yield to the practice just yet, know it is only an intermediate phase and one must go on: मन तो बस शराबी या समाधिस्‍थ्‍ा का ही लगता है क्‍योंकि शराबी, जो मन को चाहिये, वो उसे दे ही रहा है। (To speak of the mind; only the mind of a drunkard or a samadhi accomplished yogi is satisfied, howsoever temporarily in the case of the former, because a drunkard is giving to the mind its intended object of desire).

To another query about how to meet God, Maharaj Ji presented the scientific basis for all morality. The God resides within this temple of human body. The hands, feet and the various sense organs are the seats of various powers in the body. By doing positive (good, loving) actions through the mind and the senses these powers get awakened and the consciousness in time is led to the realm of sahasrara.

And the following response to the query ‘I am very positive about others and always give them confidence and motivation; but on the other hand I am very negative about my own self’ – brought a thunderstorm in some hearts. Maharaj Ji replied every actions has an equal and opposite reaction. In the process of focusing outside, one thus loses contact with the inner source of all strength and motivation. Through regular practice one ought to stay connected with the Divinity residing within the body.

A student asked, ‘I am unable to carry both studies and spiritual practice together’. The reply was a most uplifting one: concentrated activity is a form of spiritual practice. Drawing the mind from all sides and channeling its motions into study makes studies a kind of mediations as well.

Apart from the usual question-answer session, this Sunday Sabha also saw the organization and execution of the Artificial Limb Camp, on the premises of the ashram. Thought the best crutch to life is the name of the Lord, yet such an initiative definitely brought some relief and joy on the faces of various people, in need of such equipments to better live their lives. Thus this Sunday Sabha was a yoking of seva and sadhana, the two wings that help an aspirant fly into the spiritual sky.