Shri Maharaj Ji29 May, 2016, Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram: After almost a month long stay at the Kumbh in Ujjain, Shri Maharaj Ji travelled back to the ashram en-route Jhansi and Lucknow. By great fortune, Maharaj Ji also agreed to be present in the Last Sunday Sabha. First, as is the norm, devotees presented their questions etc. to Swami Ji who answered the queries as he discoursed. The gist, as always, was to go within through the nine-orifices. The way to do that is through the combined tool of seva-simran. Swamiji particularly stressed the importance of keeping seva (nishkama karma) and simran (upasana) on an equal footing – a concept which was repeated umpteen times by Maharaj Ji at Ujjain in the course of explaining the Ishavasya Upanishad. The text says to the effect that those who devote themselves only to karma enter into delusion, but those who devote themselves only to upasana enter into a greater delusion.

Swami Suryendu Puri Ji

After Maharaj Ji arrived amidst the sangat, he was requested by Sadhwi Ji to speak a few words (“do shabad” or “two words” – as it is usually said in Hindi and Punjabi). Maharaj Ji said that the “two words” shall be spoken. But if he would speak both the words then the devotees would not benefit much. So Maharaj Ji suggested that he will speak one word and the other one should be “spoken” by the devotees themselves. The “one word”, or the essential sutra that Maharaj Ji spoke was that “I am an integral part of the Divine”. This is the essence/beginning of this path. If this thought, this idea takes root in our minds then really sadhana begins. By and by the truth of it gets reflected at all levels of our being. The work of the devotees, “the second word” is to elaborate this sutra. Just as “I” am Divine at core, so is everybody. To see and connect with that divine – within and without – that is the work of the devotees. If this happens, all fears, all weakness is uprooted. This fundamental principle is what Maharaj Ji offered to all. You can listen to it, in his voice, by following the link below:

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