July 1, St. George Town. It is hardly sometime Maharaj Ji has started with a new experiment with the recitation of the scriptures and the trials are on. A trial was made recently in Vancouver and it was accepted and valued so well that another session was scheduled at Jessie Bhandal’s place in George Town today. It was recitation of Sukhmani Sahib but with greater care and focus. In fact back in ashram such trials are made oftenly with different scriptures e.g. Ramayana and various sections of Shri Guru Granth Sahib such as Japuji Sahib. The idea is to recite it loudly in a rythmic fasion and listen it carefully and complete it in one sitting. It took almost four hour here to complete the complete recitation of Sukhmani Sahib, the reason being Maharaj Ji explained certain part of it which were generally not understood well by the people. And then there were short sessions of meditation every now and then. Towards the end there was keertan followed by long meditation. In fact it was a very fast track, said Maharaj Ji, if we would have done it more naturally, it may have consumed the whole day. Still it was just amazing, everyone who participated was overwhelmed by the energy and the vibrations. Many burst into tears and cried out of divine emotions while others fall into deep silence sensing the serenity. Everyone was absorbed deeply. Later a participant commented that for the first time in his decades of praying he learnt that recitation could be so powerfull and vibrant.