July 2, Sparhill, Brampton. Finally it is started. The much awaited camp of Surya Kriya is started here at Sparhill park in the morning 7 to 8. There was a good gathering in very first session. People from different walk of life joined together to recieve the energy and force from the only secular God on the earth. The practice involved few mudras and mantras as it was the first session and the camp is going to continue for around 4-5 more days depending on the weather. There were many people who had attended the last year camps also while many others were introduced to the Surya Kriya through the interview of Swami Suryendu Puri on Sur Sagar Television (Waqt Ki Goonj program) yesterday. Sun was really delicious and everyone had his fair share. There were endless calls throughout the day. Many who were already practicing the Surya Kriya or even Sun Gazing shared their experiences while many were skeptical due to the so-called dangerous effects of Sun and wanted assurance. After the session was over, they all were equally satisfied and energized and obviously had their answeres..