Agni Kriya & Surya Kriya at P.L.Gupta's House in London, Ontario

June 8, London. 6th June lecture at HCC, London left a deep impression over the hearts of all the participants there. It made them all the more curious about various kriya yog practices invented by H.H. Swami Buddha Puri Ji Maharaj. As a reulst a  kind initiative was taken by Mr. P. L. Gupta and many more gave their helping hand in arranging a practical session at his home. Almost 50 people gather there today to have the first hand experience of Surya Kriya as well as Agni Kriya. Swami Suryendu Puri & Sadhvi Yoganjali Chaitanya initiated and guided them all in these two kriyas. The weather was also favorable today and it helped in making the session enjoyable and fruitfull. Considering the fire regulation they had to use small containers instead of a big fire-pit as used in India. On the completion of the Kriyas everyone felt energised and relaxed and that was visible not only on their faces but in their words too.