Belgaum, the second biggest district of Karnataka after Bangalore is now known as Belagavi. Retd. Justice from Bangalore High Court, Mr. Pachhapure Arvind along with an NGO ‘Hitaishi’ had organized various programs here for people from all walks of life. Lead by Swami Suryendu Puri Ji these talks were respectively addressed to, a) lawyers from Advocates Associations, b) soon-to-be doctors from JN Medical College, c) up-and-coming engineers from The Institution of Engineers and well of course, d) commoners. A glimpse from the sublime talks is presented here.


February 10-12, Nehru Stadium, Belagavi: Yet another divine feast – 3 day Surya Kriya Camp – was organized where hundreds of people had gathered around to embrace beauty of divine Sun, the living source of light. Under the loving guidance of Sadhvi Yoganjali Chaitanya Puri Ji and Swami Suryendu Puri Ji, this ancient most practice of our culture was shared to lead an energetic, peaceful, and a complete life.

Sharing the real life evidentiary example of Swami Ramalingam who in his late thirties, in such a young age had realized win over death, Swami Ji brought limelight on a factual concept that death is no goal. Life is not meant for death and so death is a grave mistake. We die because we don’t know how to live. What made Ramalingam immortal, a complete man was his relationship with the Sun. He absorbed its energy and that is how made himself free from all the diseases, decay and even death. And so, to actually ‘live’ we must understand that health is not merely an absence of disease. It is also to maintain an anger-free controlled mind just so to remain energetic and young for a very long time.