Lecture at Yoga Kumbh - May 13May 15, Ujjain: Pushkar Baheti, the editor the Maheshwari Times one day happened to take Swamiji to a seminar being held at the center of Hanuman Dham here in Ujjain. Swamiji’s electric discourse was a stand-out and soon Pundit Radhesham Mishra, the founder of Yogalife International invited him to hold Surya Kriya sessions at his camp. On May 13-14 therefore, Surya Kriya was held at the wonderful site that Yogalife International has set up under the name of Yoga Kumbh. Swamiji’s energetic, stimulating, jovial session of Surya Kriya were a pleasant surprise for everyone who otherwise think that yoga is something to be performed, if not seriously, but atleast calmly and “relaxfully”.

On the evening of May 13, Swamiji also discoursed at Yoga Kumbh to a group of professionals from SBI on the topic “How to be a Spiritual Businessman”. On the morning of May 14, Swamiji visited the Rotary Club of Ujjain to lecture on Surya Kriya. Busy days indeed, but that’s what the Kumbh is for!

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