Spiritual Talk at Om Yoga Studio, Grand Bend

13 June, London. Melissa Jones from Ailsa Craig and Jennifer Tulley together organized a session for spiritual talk and Sun Meditation at beach on the platform of Om Yoga Studio, Grand Bend. But due to cloudy weather the venue was shifted to the Studio itself where Swami Ji explained the concept and the practical aspect of Sun Meditation (SSKYoga). Later on he also introduced them to Sanjivani Kriya and various other esoteric practices of east such as Shambhawi Mudra and Swar Vigyan. It was a very interactive session in which Swami Ji answered to all their quesries related to health, healing and spirituality. The concept were introduced in very logical and simple language for easy grasping and practices were kept very simple but effective easy and general adoptation. This simplicity left all the participants awestruck.