July 6th, Brampton. It was tuesday and the Hindu Sabha Mandir was crowded with a great number of devotees. In canada generally tuesdays is the most busy day even more than sundays. Almost all the temples conduct Hanuman Chalisa recitation and Hanuman Aarti on this day. On such a busy day Swami Suryendu Puri & Sadhvi Yoganjali Chaitanya were also invited there for guiding the devotees on the inner path. They told that Hanuman Ji was a great Yogi and as his body was purified he was able to assimilate the pure energy of sunrays directly into his body. This provided him with great strength and finally made his body immortal. This fact is described in coded words in ramayana, hanuman chalisa and other scriptures which is a little difficult to interpret. But if one could delve deep inside or get proper guidance then it will not take him long to understand that Hanuman used his eyes to assimilate the sun, the source of light and energy. This is the concept which forms the base of Surya Kriya. And due to life giving property of Sun people gain enegy at physical-mental and spiritual levels which leads to complete health.