Motapayaa tera swaahaa!

Motaapayaa Tera Swaahaa!

16-27 April, 2014, Shabad Surati Sangam Ashram: Life, generally, bends under the weight of many burdens caused by innumerable sources. One of the most unfortunate of these is the burden of one’s own weight! The condition when the body expands beyond its “friendly limits” and instead of remaining a vehicle of joy and freedom has itself to be dragged around with effort is a tale that touches sensitive chords in many a heart. And it is quite routine that a heavy body houses a heavy mind – frustrated and depressed, nonetheless expressing a faint spark of hope to get well, get light, and experience unhindered normal joys of life. The annual Body-Mind Shaping Camp is an opportunity for all our friends to get a start on the runaway of healthy and joyful living.

It is prana that heals

It is prana that heals

The basic idea behind the camp is the following: There is an infinite source of energy housed in this body – a truth experienced and shared by all great sages through all ages. In the common state as the man lives, only an iota of this energy is at his disposal owing to his preoccupation with the objects of senses. But if we can find the path of connecting, with full consciousness, to this inner energy source, that limitless energy too would seep into our lives. Consequently, the body would be rid of its ailments and the heaviness of the mind will give way to new vigour and joy.
So, in this fourth edition of the camp about 46 participants (17 males and 29 females) seeking relief from one problem or another, gathered for 11 days and underwent a very strict and demanding regime to unearth the source of energy in their very bodies, treat the inertia in their bodies and mind and find concrete and lasting solution to their ailments.

11 days without solid food, but aren't they happy. Well, they "eat" the sun!

11 days without solid food, but aren’t they happy. Well, they “eat” the sun!

A basic summary of the results from the camp is as follows:

• Average weight loss: 6.4 kgs. in 11 days.
• Highest weight loss: 9.7 kgs (Ms. Veena Sharma, Sihala) followed by 5 other participants all who lost above 8 kgs.
• Average reduction in waistline for males: 4 inches (highest being 6 inches for Mr. Ashok Sharma, Delhi); 3.5 inches for females (highest being between 6-7 inches for 3 participants).
• Besides, a number of participants brought their sugar levels within normal limits, without any medicine. A female participant reported drastic improvement in a totally prolapsed uterus. Migraine attacks bid goodbye in one case and much more.

There is difference between exercise and yogasana.

There is difference between exercise and yogasana.

Thus Spake the Participants

We share below snippets from the feedback that some participants kindly shared at the end of the camp.
“For me the results speak for themselves; so far I have lost more than 5 kgs while improving my fitness, condition and energy levels but the most remarkable of all was the drop in my blood sugar levels from nearly 160 to 75 in just two days!” “I have every intention of continuing the practices and resolved not to smoke or eat meat again! In fact, I am very tempted to fast again and have already started to plan my own Agni Kriya pit.” “I am happier and more energetic than I have been in many years, although I have taken none of the 5 medicines I have been prescribed daily.” -Tony (UK)

“I haven’t felt so well since the past two years after my dad’s accident which is linked to all my mental and physical problems…I was also surprised that I haven’t had any menstrual pain (I usually had to take many paracetamol tablets for 4 days)” -Adriana (UK)

“You really taught me how to live your life” -Dhiraj Malhi (Ludhiana)

“I came primarily to lose weight and physically shape my body but it was an awesome, wonderful experience to have had shaped my body externally as well as internally.”
“To be very honest the just first two days at ashram, I really felt very low, the reasons behind was diet and to have found out that I was the only odd person in the camp to have had put an extra 1 kilo on the very 2nd day, so was slightly de-motivated. Slowly and steadily I realized that the graph had started moving up in terms of my body system and that really got me in good spirits. Majorly I lost my weight only in the last 3 days, around 2.5 kgs, therefore something that really kept me moving were the following improvements: 1) One of my nostrils remained blocked most of the time. There was significant improvement in that. 2) My water retention problem has come under control. 3) Gastric issues have been resolved. ” -Radhika Mahajan (Chandigarh)

“I had suffered from migraine for 25 years. Here in the camp I found total relief so much so that I forgot to mention about it at all when first time around we were asked to give our feedback. I did not take the tablets at all.”
-Anjana (Ludhiana)

“Ever since I returned from the camp last year, I have not taken any medicine.” -Savita Sharma (Sirhand), a repeated attendee at the camps.

They kept it up through all crests and troughs and has the last smile.

They kept it up through all crests and troughs and had the last smile.

Your Invitation for the Adventure

Even as we right this last line all the participants are still undergoing a special routine that will follow for 40 days after the camp. They frequently call-up to share their progress and seek answers to queries and are well on their way to shape their body and mind to its highest possibilities. Want to Join? You are welcome, in the next edition. But prior registration is mandatory and you should be prepared to undergo a strict and demanding regime, which may taste bitter, but in the end is deliciously sweet. Adieu!