Malke 24th April, Monthly Gathering: It was a most inspiring get-together for the devotees. Maharaj Ji gave a most clear message, the gist of which is presented below:

The body is a divine temple and therefore we need to keep it healthy and in good shape. The divine light shines in its utmost splendor within this body and the scriptures and the experiences of the saints bear testimony to the fact that it is only by first delving deep into it that we can reach the Divine. This body is thus the tool for yoga – to yoke us to our inmost self – the Divine. It is important that an aspirant knows about the basic constitution of this body.

The body comprises of  5 sheaths and thus we need to cater to them all in the integral path of spirituality. A truly healthy body implies that we are connected with the Divine within and our focus is also inwards at the mental, intellectual and physical levels – we have to treat them all and not merely the physical, as is usually the case. It is for this reason that mere reliance upon food or medicines can’t keep us healthy, for they deal only with the most external part of our existence. These levels can be thought of as the coverings over the soul or the divine light and by cleansing them we all can gradually connect to the divine light. We begin from where we stand today – the physical and gradually wend our way inside. For this we need to keep tide of the time/quality/process of eating and sleeping. Only then can true health really dawn upon us. We all wish to be healthy and happy. But we are also mistaken to believe that by eating proper food we shall find health. It is an open truth that despite offering the best to the physical, decay and death cannot be avoided. The real thing is to not worry about good diet as much as to care that it is properly digested and channelized to the deepest realms. The food that we eat, sublimates on and on to form bones, marrow, semen and so forth (the scriptures describe the process in detail). Further, all these levels are really inter-mixed so we have to work on all the levels simultaneously. The One fact that should always be kept in mind is that the Almighty dwells within this body and the body owes its existence and functionality to its power. So total reliance and experience of that Ultimate Source is the sure way to Peace, Happiness and Bliss!