May 9, Ujjain Kumbh: It was an unforgettable experience. Early morning after the practices of Sanjivani and Surya Kriyas the residents at the Kumbh Camp here, accompanied Shri Maharaj Ji for the Shaahi Snaan (the grand Holy Dip on the auspicious zodiac configuration). Everyone walked about 2 kms to the ghaat. The walking was accompanied by the chanting of “Govind Bolo Hari Gopal Bolo”, was was lead by none other than Kapil Bhai himself.

Reaching the ghat, Maharaj Ji told everyone how the dip was to be taken. Facing the sun, and chanting Gayatri and Mrityunjaya mantras, Maharaj Ji’s company filled everyone with great ecstasy. And later on, it was evident how blissful everyone was as they started playing like little, carefree children in the waters of the Shipra. Amidst the chanting of Hari Bol, everyone tossed and jumped and splashed in the water. What a joy to have Maharaj Ji right in between in this blissful activity!

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