Fun Sports 1Surya Kriya25-31 December 2013, Malke Ashram. Imagine sweet innocent voices excitedly chanting mantras, bright sharp eyes focusing to grasp lessons for life delivered by a realized saint, juvenile flexible bodies bending and stretching in various asana, and a number of young children rising early yet not willing to sleep before revising their lessons despite having quite an action-packed day for a whole week, and you will find yourself in the beautiful atmosphere of Children’s Grooming Camp at Malke Ashram. Like every year, last week of December is dedicated to children. However, many devotees and visitors also came to ashram just to observe and enjoy the activities of the these young children, bubbling with energy.

Surya NamaskarForty junior sadhaks of age between 7 to 14 years made this camp successful teaming with teachers from ashram and also Mr. Baldeo Singh, Mrs. Basant Joshi who were responsible for overall course. They not only participated in every event arranged for them with all their hearts, mind and body but also absorbed every possible lesson offered in words or in deeds. All these children, quite visibly, gathered more strength and balance for their body-mind-soul as a result of this camp as it offered specific techniques and teachings catering to need of their age in very enjoyable yet effective manner.

Play TimeThe success can be understood from the fact that 35 children from last camps, who have now crossed the age limit for this camp, could not stop themselves from being in this wonderful atmosphere and participated as helper, a little too many though 🙂 During the one week of their stay, children learnt various Asana, Surya-Namaskar, Nauli, Sanjivani Kriya and Surya Kriya. They were also introduced to the fundamentals of music and science of mantras. Besides, they were taught many meaningful mantras from different religion that they could use in day to day life.

Class with Maharaj JiMaharaj Ji and Swami Ji discussed with them various topics related to their life such as: Dealing with Fear, Developing Concentration, Proper Use of Gadgets, Benefits of Vegetarian Food, Importance and Proper Technique of Prayer, One God Taught by Every Religion, Self Respect and Respect to Others, Importance of Discipline in Life and much more. It was interesting to note how children recreated these teachings with their artwork as and when they were asked to. They were also educated in correct way of standing, sitting, walking, talking, eating, cleaning, bathing and many important things which are otherwise considered trivial but play a very vital role in living a healthy, happy and respectful life.

Judo KarateThis year a devotee, Mrs. Ritu Pathik who work for Sports Authority of India, arranged a Judo coach to teach self defense to this young buds. This was welcomed by every child with extreme excitement. Needless to tell that amidst all these activities, there was a great variety of food and numerous sports to make it a real children camp 🙂

By the grace of Maharaj Ji, a rain of creativity, energy, joy and inner bliss was poured on the fertile ground of these junior sadhaks. The seed that will grow to constitute the most inspiring and bright message for the new year.

Fun Sports 2