Titans at the Body Shaping Camp

14-22 April, 2012: 44 Titans gathered at Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram to experience the second Body Shaping camp. Shri Yudhistra in the Mahabharata has said that the greatest gain is that of health. Even Sage Patanjali mentions illness to be the first impediment in going within. Therefore, it is essential that we keep our bodies fit, for only then we can skillfully explore the treasure hidden therein.

From the perspective of the yogis, obesity is caused when the fire in the belly is dampened by layers of waste that accumulate in the body with time. A primary reason for accumulation of waste products in the body is the ensuing shallowness in breathing as one grows. This is further caused by the outwardly engrossed tendency of the mind, and as is well known, mind and breath are deeply related. A simple proof of this can be had as follows: an infant’s body is so flexible and supple. But as it grows, the muscles and joints lose their flexibility and become rigid. So many other changes occur and ultimately old age ensues and a time comes when the body being unfit for further use is shed-off.

At the body shaping camp, the participants took first strong steps to break this natural progression towards decay, old-age and death. First obvious step is to cleanse the already accumulated waste in the body. This is facilitated by intake of special juices and soups. Alongside, diet of heavy foods, which includes anything that needs to be chewed, is restricted. To maintain requisite energy levels and further cleansing Agni Kriya and Surya Kriya are also practiced.

Disciplining themselves in such a framework, the titans lived for 8 days. The results are summarized in the following detailed report of the camp (can also be read in ‘Testimonials’).

View body shaping camp report here