August 10, Canada. It’s true, Sun is still shining in Canada. All thanks to Sur Sagar & ATN T.V. channels, more and more people are learning about the healing effects of the Sun and the simplicity of SSK-Yoga to assimilate the life giving energy of the Sun.

Even after Maharaj Ji is back, Harman, Rani & Bindu are taking up the follow up classes. Not only this Bindu is running around to create further awareness at different temples, societies and senior clubs. As a result people from different places are inviting them to conduct classes at thier places too. People are taking huge interest and the demand for more claseses is increasing day by day. This classes are conducted free of charges with the sole intention of serving the scoeity by helping them get rid of physical or mental diseases. The spiritual advancement happens naturaly with these practices. Regular classes are being run at sparhill park of Brampton City. Those who are interested in these classes or want to conduct one at their own place for their people, may have more information from Harman Kalirao <> and Bindu Gaur <>.