Discourse28th Novemeber, Sunday, Malke Ashram: It was the setting of the last Sunday of the month, when Maharaj Ji comes out for two hours from his solitude and all the devotees gather around to refresh their thirst for the inner path. There are questions asked and Maharaj Ji replies and the event takes form of a monthly discourse, after which Maharaj Ji personally meets the visitors, before again returning to his cell, to research further on the path of Mission Immortality. The discourse this time would be treasured by all those walking the path, especially those who feel that despite a desire for the inner, they find themselves stuck; in nutshell it shows the way to proceed ahead, take the next step, from wherever we might be today. The essence of Maharaj Ji’s thoughts can be put down in form of three golden attitudes that an aspirant should cultivate, which will help him take his next step (irrespective of where he is today) on the path of Ultimate Bliss and total satisfaction. These can be put as follows:

1. Howsoever, I may be; good or bad; rich or poor; healthy or diseased; famous or unknown, but a strong belief that my Lord, to whom I am a servant, or my Lord, who I am a part, is the biggest and the most supreme entity. I am related to this supreme entity that is unequalled. I am answerable to him and I am working for his sake.

2. The firm belief in one’s Master and the scriptures, to an extent, that ‘though I may be wrong but my Master and the scriptures, as much I have understood them through my Master, cannot be wrong’; only that I have to deepen my experience and all my doubts will be erased and the glory of my Master and the wisdom of the scriptures shall come alive. But until then, to keep full faith in the Master and the scriptures and try to delve deep within through regular practice. It is through such an unwavering faith that true rationality is attained, otherwise one surely gets lost in the jungle of muddled egoistic ideas and notions.

3. To accept one’s present position with truth and sincerity and water the drive to attain greater fulfilment and happiness in life; to not hold back in any manner to achieve these, rather to utilize the last ounce of one’s strength and energy and make strongest effort to make progress in life (the inner path); but also to remain content in whatever fruits that come our way, and above all to surrender those fruits at the feet of the Lord. Working hard this way, and surrendering the fruits of those efforts, good or bad, positive or negative at the feet of the Lord is what is also termed as Nishkama Karma and is one of the central tenets of all spirituality.

The Update on the Fate of the Warrior-Sadhaks

The present update also gives us the opportunity to update you on the fate of the warrior-sadhaks who had entered the cell, after the last meditation retreat. The huge positive response of these retreats can be best judged from the fact that henceforth a devoted meditation retreat has been scheduled every month. Thus the Saturday and Sunday falling on 18th and 19th of December will again see sadhaks coming together and practice mass-mediation unabated for more than 36 hours. The intensity has grown this time, when the nights too will be passed in meditation, rather than going off to sleep like last time. Those interested in participating should contact Sadhwi Yoganajali Chaitanya (094172-67947). The warrior-sadhaks, during the course of their retreat indeed fulfilled that title of ‘warrior’ that we have labelled them with; few of them had resolved neither sleep nor lie on their backs for continuous 84 hours and they emerged victorious in their pledge. Their achievement is a testimony to the great will power of spiritual aspirants. Truly, it has been said that there was not a spiritual giant born whose will was flaccid. Certainly, through such challenges to the body and mind, the sadhaks, are taking mighty steps towards winning the battle of the mind and evolve into spiritual giants in the times to come.