Agni Kriya session on the eve of the gathering

15th Jan 2012, Jataana: The fact that a gathering of nearly a thousand had assembled, despite cold and looming threat of a downpour to listen to Maharaj Ji on this annual mass gathering, lead him to proclaim the greatness of the Indian tradition, where the company of the holy i.e. satsanga occupies the prime place. He further added that this is a characteristic of the Indian mind that places its first trust on saints and sages, even in matters of mundane interests. However, he then asked the gathering: What is it that brings them here?

The Sangat

Thence, Maharaj Ji spoke about the utter basics of how to go within. “Take out time everyday”, continuing over from his message at Kila Raipur a few days ago, “if you are doing paath, ascertain that your eyes should not roam here and there. Focus them on the printed letters of the text. However, it is better to keep the eyes closed and recite what you have learnt by heart and go on reciting that again and again. In case sleep bothers you and the neck bends forwards, go ahead and wear a neck-band (like the cervical patients do), so that the neck may not fall forwards (which is the sign of having dozed off to sleep).” And then Maharaj Ji almost guaranteed, that practicing with sincerity would certainly bring a day, when the mind and prana would be drawn into the path of sushumna.

“But still, though we practice, regularly, still out mind does not peeps within – why is that? That is because we have entangled it outside. It is selfishness that binds man – this is his biggest chain. And to unchain yourself from it, practice charity. Give up a portion of your earnings to good and noble causes (by tradition, 10 % of your earnings should always be kept aside for such purposes).”

In this way, Maharaj Ji spoke on the most basic tenets of a spiritual life : regular, sincere practice of naam and practice of charity to transform our selfish being to a selfless light. The full lecture can be listened here (audio link). Prior to the Sabha, Agni kriya was also practiced on the evening of the 14th.

Another moment from the Jataana Kutia