IMG_158114 January 2017, Harisar Ashram, Kila Raipur: The festival of Makar Sankranti, also regarded as a midwinter festival is considered as first day of New Year as per the Punjabi calendar and therefore, holds a special place in many hearts. To welcome new beginnings many aspirants of one divine journey came across seeking Guru’s blessings to start afresh. While Sadhvi Ji emphasized on surrendering our soul to sole keeper, Swami Ji encouraged surpassing our own limitations. Let us also gear up. Shall we?

Glimpse from Sadhvi Ji’s discourse:

IMG_1580In Magh, the month of pilgrimage, early morning bathing in holy water is considered to be very auspicious. And for an aspirant, Gurumantra is that Ganges with sacred water that flows within a Guru’s lover. It is upon seeking their company the five weaknesses – lust (kaam), rage (krodh), greed (lobh), attachment (moh) and conceit (ahamkar) – formed dust accumulated over eons finds its way to getting dissipated.

Now to bathe externally is easy. However, brushing out our deep-rooted limitations demand efforts. Our major concern, i.e. our mind is struck in the fantasies of today, which in itself is a limited time offer. For this, Gurbani proclaims, man beche satgur ke paas, i.e. we must surrender this mind of ours in the lotus feet of Guru. And to taste true essence of divine blessing, this surrendering is the only bathe worth having for a seeker of eternity.

This world is not our real home. And Guru’s teachings and the scriptures are the divine letters from our only home. So, the message that this auspicious month brings along is that we must keep on doing service and practicing Guru-mantra without letting even a breath go unaccounted for.

Glimpse from Swami Ji’s discourse:

IMG_1579Another year, or lets just say another cycle of days and nights spread across different seasons, has begun. Over and over yet again! Likewise, the cycle of life and death must also play its piece. In Gita (Chapter 2 Verse 27), Lord Krishna has stated that one who is born must die and, one who is dead must take birth again. This cycle doesn’t rust and therefore, our miseries do not get to burst.

And then there is an all time excuse, which says, ‘yes we understand but its difficult.’ Fair enough. It is not easy to choose to leave everything. But we can at least begin to step up and direct it accordingly rather than being forced to withdraw due to age and deteriorating health conditions. Until we do not bear a strong mindset that, ‘I must act. Its now or never’, we are our own fraudsters.

Foremostly, this is rather an easy job but even the easiest is to get deceptive. How? If, since last year our designated time for practice is half an hour then what’s new? For worldly affairs we need to depend on others or seek certain external help to achieve something. However, in this case, irrespective of place and time we are free to march ahead and then just dive-in deep.

So, lets get addicted of Him, the divine dude and not the fine food. Lets doze off justly sufficient and not keep snoozing insignificantly abundant. Because, once addicted of the divine nectar, there wont be any pending vector.