28th May, 2011: The incessant sounds of farm-tractors and the huge JCB machine can be heard in the backdrop even now and have resonated here since the past five days, as the first major construction activity got underway and is now reaching completion i.e. clearing the last of the remaining mounds on the premises. This mound was unique for it reminded the visitors to the ashram of the wilderness that had existed on this site before the land was donated on which stands today the architecture of the SSS ashram. Also for the nearby villagers, this mound was the identifying sign of the ashram. In fact, to many local people, the ashram was known not by its esoteric name that signifies the heights of the path of sadhana but through this mound as the tibbe wala dera (the ashram with the mound). To date, this mound had been kept untouched and it was home to wild berries, serpents, and other animals. However, now the upcoming Tripur Shiva Peetham asked for clearing the ground.

The atmosphere in the premises of the ashram is charged with a spirit of tireless work. Last night, the work went on continuously and various volunteers kept sleep and rest at bay and remained on the site to get it ready well in time before the foundation laying ceremony to be held this coming Sunday at 9:00 a.m. Others volunteered to work in the kitchen to tend to the needs of the workers through the night. It was only after 10:00 a.m. today when the work was nearing its completion that these tireless volunteers laid their backs on comfy beds. What bliss and satisfaction would have met them thereafter such enthusiastic efforts of the mind and the body is for the reader to imagine! Special notice is also due to some volunteers who caught so many snakes whose home this mound had been. Special care was given not to hurt any animal and the various snakes were caught and then left free near the canal, that is some distance away from the ashram.