13 August, Canada. As we all know children are the future. If we wanted this world to be a happy place, we need to sow the seeds of happiness in the tender heart of our children. This is the motto of the project “Udaan” run by the ashram. Under this projects a weekly class is run for young children in which they are exposed to the immense possibilities life has to offer them. They learn different arts, yoga, chanting, manners & etiquetes and above all to live like a human, the son of the God. Such classes are being runin various cities in India and now one is started in Canada too. The initiative was taken by Bindu GaurĀ and the help was offered by Neelam Vashisht, Rani Brar & Harman Kalirao. The first class had nine young participants and they all had lots of fun. They did chanting, handicrafts, games, quizes and much more. Naina taught them to sing bhajan as well. The sole idea is to bring the children close to life and let them have the total control over their life. It is learnt from others classes that the Udaan classes have helped the participants with their confidence, life skills, arts, music, teamwork, behaviour and a their outlook towards the life. This friday classes in Brampton are open to all with prior registration with Bindu Gaur <gaurb@yahoo.com>.