Afternoon Classes with Maharaj Ji teach and relax at the same timeMay 7, 2016, Ujjain: The stream of sadhana and seva continues to flow here at Ujjain, quenching the thirst of devotees, who have left the comforts of home and the call of never-ending worldly duties behind to be with Maharaj Ji. The regular routine of Sanjivani and Surya kriyas in the morning, the hours spent in seva for the langar and elsewhere, the chanting of Ishavasya Upanishad (already shared and taught by Maharaj Ji after visiting Ujjain) before meals, study-sessions with Maharaj Ji in late afternoon, Agni Kriya in the evening, all contribute to add brilliant hues and fragrance to these blessed days. The close sharing of space between devotees in the dormitories make it a huge family staying together, with one common objective of making the most of this opportunity when Maharaj Ji has emerged from his solitude practice to share forth his time so openly with everyone, once more.

Langar with the SadhusA new initiative has been taken here at the camp under the guidance of Maharaj Ji. Every second or third day, a sadhu-mandali is invited and served langar. The purpose is to spread awareness among sincere sadhus about the availability of sadhana-space for them at Kila Raipur Ashram. In modern times, it is really difficult to find people and environment dedicated sincerely to spiritual practice. Kila Raipur Ashram, by grace of Maharaj Ji, will soon begin to host sadhana camps, just like Mallke Ashram. Already sadhus of all sects and traditions visit the sadhu-bangala there. The idea is to have those sadhus there who are genuinely interested in practice and give them a supportive atmosphere for their practice. Maharaj Ji himself participates in this langar of the sadhus. A langar just happened a few hours back here at the camp and it was hosted by Shri Satyadev Pal (Palji) from Delhi.

In a few hours we have a classical music sabha scheduled here at the camp. Shri Kapildev Trivedi and Shri Mohammad Shaquir will be the ones performing. Also we would have the pleasure of listening to Shri Hemendra Mahavar after many years. All of them are the disciples of the late Shri Shivram Guruji of Dahod. And what more to top it off than the love and wisdom imbued discourse of Shri Maharaj Ji.

So what are you waiting for, dear friend!

You can the Photo Gallery of Maharaj Ji at Ujjain here.