Quila Raipur, 14th April, Vaisakhi Celebrations and the Prakaash Utsav of Swami Dev Puri Ji (Kali Kambli Wale): The bhaava of the devotees was on a crest, the heart had deepened and was fit to receive the nectar emanating from the Divine source. Maharaj Ji touched the cords of countless hearts as he said,  ‘Vaisakhi derives its name from vigat shakha i.e. when all the branches spread around unit and join and move in one direction. Hence, the way to really celebrate vasakhi is to bring home the mind, entagled here there and everywhere and then lead it onto the path of the sushumna.An ordinary life never explores the inner realm: born as directed by the previous samskaras, the childhood is spent in play and ignorance and the rest of the life in outer affairs. The n death comes calling and since one has never really mulled over it before, it is all unknown and hence fearful. But by the great Divine Grace if one can awaken to the truth of the inner realm then one would realize that to yoke to the Divine within the natural way is to yoke oneself to the gurunaam, implanted into our hearts by Divine sages. Swami Deva Puri Ji was such a Master, a sage victorious over death, who had total control over his body and being. He used his body as he desired and for such men that world loses its suffering, entangling nature and appears as a Divine play. It is our great privilege to be associated in the lineage of such great Masters as Swami Dev Puri Ji and Swami Dyalu Puri Ji and therefore, let us leave no efforts untried to make our lives flowering gardens by sowing the seeds of their teachings and lives therein.’