Belgaum, the second biggest district of Karnataka after Bangalore is now known as Belagavi. Retd. Justice from Bangalore High Court, Mr. Pachhapure Arvind along with an NGO ‘Hitaishi’ had organized various programs here for people from all walks of life. Lead by Swami Suryendu Puri Ji these talks were respectively addressed to, a) lawyers from Advocates Associations, b) soon-to-be doctors from JN Medical College, c) up-and-coming engineers from The Institution of Engineers and well of course, d) commoners. A glimpse from the sublime talks is presented here.


February 9, Advocates Association, Belagavi: Talk from one perspective that is what is values and ethics is not really required however the second part, how is it most important and crucial in present times is emphasized more on. Why, because somewhere we all feel that the present time no longer belongs to truth. Everyone is so busy in blaming and complaining about things and those around that we no longer look within ourselves to watch what am I doing. These days who has time to worry about values and ethics? The world is so demanding, so competitive and therefore so, challenging that who cares? But my dear friends, if you (the lawyers) will not care then who else? You are supposed to be custodians of law, of righteousness, and of justice and thus who better to understand the very value of values, the very need of ethics and its relevance in present times.

Lets think. What is this life all about? What is the meaning of life? If we are born to die then what are we waiting for. Lets call it a day. Lets finish it off. What say? On the contrary, and practically, no one wants to die. But yet we do die. And that too miserably, crying all the way. In India we, by default we believe in God. It is in our genes, in our blood and in our culture. But how is that belief helping us? Despite our belief we fall sick, we are upset so many times, and thus we get depressed. A survey claims that there is hardly a person who dies naturally. You don’t die because it’s your time to die. You die because of diseases. Whatever you acquire in this world, could be name, fame, wealth, whatever one fine day you leave it all. You just go away not to come back ever. In this regard we have all read about Alexander the Great who had to leave empty-handed. So, who are we competing with him? And seriously, is this what we call life? No, this is not life. Life is not meant for death. Death is a grave mistake. You die because you don’t know how to live, and yes, it’s a fact. But the real question here is, do we want to know how to live?

In court, you have people visiting to you on daily basis. They all feel miserable. Well, doctors and lawyers are known to not having happy visitors 😉 . So basically after God, it’s you. For the time being you are given this great responsibility. You are deputed to cater to their needs, to pacify and help them. Now lets compare. A person who has been robbed of his hard earned money may be in form of land, wealth, property, jewellery or whatever comes to you seeking justice. Now if you don’t get this guy justice for the sake of money what is the difference between you and the other guy who is a cheater and a fraudulent? Is there any? The message is that money can easily be earned through various means. In fact criminals have more money. But money doesn’t make you a man. To be a man you have to be a man. We often say just give me two minutes or five minutes but then that might take longer than that. How can we give justice when we cannot discriminate? A sense of discrimination to realize how subtle this truth is.

These worldly possessions have no consciousness. Right? They are inert material. But a human or even animal, they have consciousness. They have feelings. Now if you give more value to the inert material, your mind will also become inert. Your intellect will become blunt. Then how would you discriminate between right and wrong? And that is what is happening in present times. You must realize that you are bigger than anything in the world be it materials or materialistic wealth? Money does not add to your value. Your value is you yourself; it is by you, with you, and in you. And once you give value to the living entity, to your fellow beings; values & ethics will automatically fall into right place. You don’t need to go to any school to learn them. Why should you? If we have got love within then we will love everyone. No exceptions. But at the same time, love doesn’t mean you do not see others mistakes. Particularly for your profession it’s very important. You have to discriminate; and that is all about ethics and values. If someone hurts or cheats we certainly do not like it. So, what we do not enjoy for ourselves why offer it to others? Why deliberately do business of pain and sorrow?

Manners and etiquettes are not for the sake of showing off. They should be our reality. So it’s time to think over it, recognise your due stand, and understand your worth. You are human, the child of God. Vedas proclaim, ‘amritasya putraha’, meaning, you are potentially divine. God doesn’t get diseased, doesn’t get old, and doesn’t feel pain or get into trouble. We do. Why, because we have forgotten our true selves. Yes, we don’t get to see Him just yet. But it is said that God made man in His own form. So, second respect is due to humans. Money and materialistic accomplishments, they all come on third number. And so, when you talk about human, there comes a relationship. And when you value your relationships more than money and materialism, values and ethics would happen automatically.