29 July, Canada. Vancouver trip is always wonderful as so many ashram devotees live there who are trying to balance the inner journey amidst outwardly focused life of western world. All the gatherings are very interactive there mainly focused on spirituality in day to day life. In fact this year it was more effective as the gatherings were restricted to family settings which gave enough opportunities and scope of open communication.

Everyday there was satsang in the evening at different houses giving easy access to the devotees residing at different places. As usual, satsangs started with bhajan-keertan and then questions were collected to initiate the discussion. There was a good variety of questions related with day to day life, death, fear, anger, love, meditation, yoga, scriptures, religion, kundalini awakening and what not.

Every morning Sadhvi Ji took yoga classes in which she stressed more on cleansing kriyas which help detoxify the body. Unless body is free from toxins, food or medicine would not bring us health and not even exercises or yoga. The first step in yoga is to cleanse the physical body and then the pranic or the energy body. This gives us strong foundation to start with spiritual journey.

One day Maharaj Ji visited Fraser Valley Hindu Society Temple in Abbotsford as it is maintained by ashram devotees and they maintain the same atmosphere there full of love and devotion. Besides, Maharaj Ji paid visit to few devotees’ houses as well.

This time Maharaj Ji made a point to conduct some Veda Chanting at every place he visited as this not only purifies the atmosphere but also charge it with spiritual energy. He explained that even listening to Vedas purifies our prana and mind and further helps them move inwards.

We shall soon update you with the conversations and discussions which took place there. And we would like to invite you in these discussions even if it is over the internet.