31 October, Monthly Satsang at malke Ashram. ‘Please tell me a short-cut to the Ultimate’– is a question oftentimes put across by the aspirants. It elicited a resounding response from Maharaj Ji today. The vibes that rode on his response arose from such a depth that they melted the atmosphere and tears trickled from many eyes. Maharaj Ji began by mentioning a tendency in people, ‘O, when God will want then only shall I be able to devote myself to the path; only then can I visit the ashram; what is my own power against Him; as He wills so shall always happen’ and so on. But how surprising it is then, Maharaj Ji said, that we hardly ever seek His permission in what to eat, when to sleep, where to visit, and in carrying the activities which we are sure will bring us worldly prosperity. But when it comes to the issue transforming our natures, then all our zest evaporates and we want Him to do everything for us. We look for short-cuts. We do not wish to apply our intellects and efforts to this stupendous undertaking. Where we wholeheartedly embrace the slightest hint that points to worldly gains; the innumerable hints offered to the Ultimate in the form of scriptures, saints, and life’s circumstances (experiences) only elicit a lukewarm response from us. We do not want to devote ourselves to it, but expect the Lord to do all for us.

The compassion pervading Maharaj Ji’s voice touched the listeners to their core. Maharaj Ji continued saying that this life was certainly going to go in vain if we remained passive and reluctant about addressing the prime purpose of our lives and kept on waiting for miracles to happen. There is no point in prolonging. Life’s fulfilment lies not in seeking fulfilment from sensory world (which cannot satisfy) but to realize Him and achieve Him (which can only truly satisfy). The proper attitude then is to commit oneself wholeheartedly to this noble pursuit, doing one’s best and then crying out to him to give us the strength (or even to provide the short-cut) to cut asunder the chains of ego; to destroy the labyrinth of desires, and break open the fetters of attachment and aversion. This clear message melted many hearts. The inner bliss played on Maharaj Ji’s countenance as well. The receptive could feel the bliss of compassion pervading this response that was uttered from a well of experience, who knows how deep!