Spiritual Congress at Dahod

Nov 17-28: Swami Suryendu Puri Ji visited the spiritual families of Gujrat and MP in middle of November, 2015. In his own words, his visit was inspired by the realization, “Love must be expressed else it fades, let that be in the world, or beyond – as long as duality exists.” His program schedule was as follows:
Nov. 17-19 Indore
Nov. 19-22 Dahod
Nov. 23 Vadtal
Nov. 24 Ahmedabad
Nov. 25-26 Vadodara
Nov. 26-28 Delhi

Surya Kriya, Agni Kriya, Satsanga - all were held wherever Swamiji visited. Above, a session of Surya Kriya at Indore.

Surya Kriya, Agni Kriya, Satsanga – all were held wherever Swamiji visited. Above, a session of Surya Kriya at Indore.

Swamiji later posted on facebook, explaining his motivation for the visit by the following story, “A young boy lived with his mother alone who worked few petty jobs for their living. This left her with very less time to spend with him, although, she tried her best to be together and take good care of him. Sometimes she would ask the boy to help her in the daily chore so that they can be together, but he preferred playing with his simple toys or scribbling in his drawing book. Nevertheless, he felt lonely and ignored. One day, on his return from school, he waited for his mother so that they can eat together. Many hours passed, but there was no sign of his mother. Finally, his loneliness and anguish took its toll and he went into the bathroom and sat under the tap letting cold water pour over his head. It was winter. After some time, he fell unconscious, cold water still pouring over his body. When he woke up, he found himself in a hospital bed and mother sitting by his side caressing his hair, crying silently. Sunshine was spread all over the room. The first thing he asked was-“Mom, you didn’t go to work? How did you manage to get leave today?” Mother answered serenely, “My dear, I work for you and if you are not well then how could I go anywhere. I love you more than my life.” Understanding the truth of her words, he shivered and tears rolled down his cheeks, washing all the anguish away from his heart. He curled to hide in her lap for once and all and said, “I love you too, mom.””

A Colourful Welcome at Baroda.

A Colourful Welcome at Baroda.

Swamiji also wrote, “Yes, sometimes, people take busyness as ignorance and go astray just to draw attention. How could we ignore them? Indeed, we love them too.


Ahmedabad is not the last.

Swamiji mentions, “We are already considering to visit our spiritual family in various places once in a year or two, so, they can just invite us directly instead of following the boy in the story.”

Swamiji's visit is a festivity to this family at Dahod.

Swamiji’s visit is a nothing but a festivity to our spiritual-family at Dahod.

The main focus of Swamiji, during the recent visit to MP and Gujrat, was, “To remind the devotees about the importance of keeping connection through daily practice, regular reading of Maharaj Ji’s writings in form of various books & the quarterly magazine and participating in at least one of the sadhana camps every year, conducted at ashram.”

And in the National Capital too.

Rounding off at the National Capital.