13th Jul, Canada. There was a time when going abroad virtually meant a complete disconnection with family, friends, religion and traditions. Striving to secure their place in those foreign lands, people had started forgetting their roots blindly running after money and matter. But as they gradually settled there, something was being unsettled in most of them. The differences in culture, in beliefs and in all the other aspects of life became more and more alarming as their children grew up in that atmosphere. There was an obvious gap and a pressing need was felt to fill it, but how?

These were the people, who loved and care for their food, their folks, their customs and their land but circumstances forced them to go away. And being the heir of a rich spiritual legacy, they knew that the best resort they may have were the contemporary holder of this heritage. This exigency was realized by those bearers as well and they felt obligated to serve them there. Global awareness and technological advancements came handy to bridge this gap.

Along the same line, devotees of Harisar Ashram were insisting Maharaj Ji since long but he was always hesitant due to his introvert nature. It was only after he prepared Swami Suryendu Puri and Sadhvi Yoganjali Chaitanya to serve the humanity at large that he set his foot on foreign land (Canada) in 2008. It is his fifth consecutive visit to Canada and in these five years a good number of people have taken on healthy and spiritual way of living. Scores of people have shifted away from non-vegetarian diet and all sort of intoxicants. Numerous people have got rid of various diseases, depression and obesity with the help of Surya Kriya, Agni Kriya and Sanjivani Kriya taught by Maharaj Ji. Several families resolved their disputes and reunited after they were counseled by Sri Maharaj Ji. People have become more aware of social welfare and charitable activities. In short, life here has changed for good. Therefore, Maharaj Ji’s visit is keenly awaited there.

This year, Maharaj Ji accompanied by Swami Ji and Sadhvi Ji reached Canada on 6th July. The first week was spent visiting families in Brampton and almost every evening many devotees gathered to find answers for their questions and queries which were obstructing their spiritual evolution. Here are some salient points from these discussions which may prove helpful in our spiritual evolution as well:

  • Faith is the most important tool on the spiritual path. To strengthen it, we shall start studying the spiritual texts (approved by our guru to avoid any confusion) on a regular basis which should always be accompanied with contemplation and introspection.
  • Instability is likely to happen in the beginning of sadhna so we must not get agonized with it; instead we should somehow link all the other activities and thoughts with sadhna. This will reinforce our resolve and change our mindset in favor of sadhna.
  • If we happen to encounter erroneous behavior of a fellow being then it would be wise to encourage and support that person for integrity rather than criticizing and discouraging him/her.
  • Food is very crucial in human evolution as it has always been for every other living being. Therefore, we must pay adequate attention to it in terms of its efficacy, purity, quality and its value in spiritual development.
  • If, anytime, we claim to be satisfied with our sadhna then it means we haven’t yet understood the magnitude of spiritual path. It would also mean that our development on the path is stopped.
  • As we progress on the path, our attitude towards the life and all the living beings would change radically. Particularly, our speech would become affable and cheering not causing offense to anyone in any circumstance.
  • No one is perfect, everyone has some weak points. At times, circumstances are also not very encouraging. But unless until we recognize them and unearth their probable reason (possibly in past lives which makes our nature) we cannot overcome them.
  • As we grow on the spiritual path our nature becomes increasingly more focused inwards and mind doesn’t find any pleasure in worldly objects. Until the mind turns down the desire of sensory gratification, it cannot go beyond the senses.
  • It is true that we have to reach back to the place where from we are all originated, but this time fully conscious to enjoy its glory.