1June 26, Shabad Surati Sangam Ashram: When no questions were raised by any devotee in this monthly satsang  swamiji raised a very important question: Do we really don’t have any questions regarding the ultimate divine journey?

We are so enthusiastic when we have to go to some function, a party or a celebration. We keep working hard in a business even when we are suffering losses in it. We force our kids to study even when they don’t feel like it. But when it comes to sitting and connecting with the divine within, our mind keeps wandering to worldly thoughts and memories. We start falling asleep and hence stop any future efforts to connect with our true self.

We want peace and happiness in our lives. We also want to be one with God but why are we not able to get what we truly want? The answer lies in this question itself. True happiness is not where we are looking for it. We are looking for happiness in the world, its people and its practices. We think we’ll be happy by gathering all the worldly things like cars, big houses, money etc. but  all these things are temporary in nature and hence considered false; nothing except God is true. So how can we find true bliss if we are running after false things which are going to end one day? Like a drug addict, who knows that drugs are not good for his body, but still cannot leave drugs because his mind is weak and dependant.

Similarly, we stay involved in the world forgetting the practices and teachings of Guru but the moment we face a problem we go straight to our Guru and restart practices. It means that we know where true peace and happiness can be found but are ignorant and afraid of going there. We need to identify our true purpose of life. As long, we are trapped in the cycle of birth and death, true bliss and peace cannot be attained. We will have to surpass death to get out of that cycle. Surpassing death means leaving the body not through the nine openings (sensory orifices) but through the tenth door. If prana leaves the body through the tenth door then there is no need to take birth again. That tenth door can be opened by turning the flow of prana from all the orifices towards it and also the mind with the help of Guru-mantra. So, Guru-mantra is the key to open that tenth door and coming out of that cycle of birth and death to attain peace and true happiness.