Nov. 9, 2012, Raju Majra. Coming back from Himalayas, Maharaj Ji paid visit to few villages on the way back to Malke Ashram and conducted satsang there. The first stopover was Raju Majra (Nawa Shaher) where Swami Dev Puri Ji and Swami Dayalu Puri Ji used to visit often. Maharaj Ji also visited here many times but since his movement is quite restricted for last 7-8 years, it was after many years he was visiting this place. This place is special in terms of devotion and simplicity. The people are so innocent and affectionate here that even Sushil Ji who was visiting from Canada, found it very homely. Maharaj Ji spoke about satsang here in detail, its qualities, practices and effects. Though we could not record full lecture yet whatever little was recorded is more than enough to transform our lives. Let us check it out (click here to listen in punjabi language)-

Goswami Tulsidaas Ji (author of Ramcharitmanas) says, “प्रथम भक्ति संतन कर संगा” that means spirituality begins with SATSANG or in the company of saintly men. We all are actually here for the same purpose but with a slight difference. Some people have come to do the SATSANG and get involved in the holy company while others have come just to hear the sermons. There is surely some difference between the two. However, first we should know what SATSANG actually is. “SAT” defines almighty God who is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. We know on the other hand that unstable nature is the property of “ASAT” or falsity. “SANG” stands for company. Therefore, SATSANG would mean getting involved in company of unvarying eternal being, “the SAT” God and not just listening to Godly words.  Remember, listening would not be of much use until some sadhna (practice) is followed to apply that learning in day-to-day life. SATSANG is incomplete unless our body, mind, heart, and intellect are also involved in the act of listening. SATSANG actually means absorbing all the teachings of Guru, all the grace of God, all the vibrations of atmosphere brought to us in that particular setting.

Mahayogi Swami Buddh Puri Ji Maharaj

We all know it well that one rotten apple spoils all the other fresh fruits kept together in the basket or just one drop of sour spoils the whole lot of milk as companionship always leaves some impact on its objects and undeniably causes some alteration, good or bad. In contrast, a stone lying in holy Ganges would not leave its hardness even after hundreds of years, as it maintains resistance and does not let water enter into it. Another example is of rubber ball, which absorbs water and swells up to appear bigger but once it is brought out just a slight pressure or little time would bring it back to its original shape. It is clear that even though water entered inside, it was not absorbed completely. All these scenarios describe what not SATSANG is. Essentially, SATSANG is like putting crystals of sugar or salt in water that becomes one with water leaving its individuality. It is not mere listening to teachings but absorbing them more and more in our everyday life.

We should keep it clear in our mind that we all keep on spreading subtle vibrations of our persona, good or bad, consistently in our surroundings. Love or liking is the link that causes absorption of these vibrations. Therefore, the kind of environment we live in and the sort of persona we carry, together they create our world. Living in a family, if we carry ill feelings for others, they will be affected by it and behave accordingly. Similarly, their feelings will have their effect upon us. We might be amazed to note that not just people but things like building, furniture, utensils, food, water and everything we live with carry our vibrations. In fact, these things absorb and transmit such vibrations more evocatively.

However, we humans have our brains evolved and therefore we may not only choose right from wrong but also impose filters on what we absorb and what we transmit. That’s why the first and foremost effect of SATSANG is that we refuse to give in to any evil and dump any bad company we may have. Wicked words may fall upon our ears but they will not be able to get to our heart anymore. Sinful sight may reach our eyes but not our heart. Our thoughts would become immune to immoral stimulants. Besides, our senses become extra sensitive to good qualities. As long we take the evil in, divinity cannot enter. Hence, SATSANG would give us eligibility to discover the desirable qualities everywhere as it will purify all our senses and mind. We would be able to find some virtues even in wicked if we do the SATSANG sincerely. It will happen gradually but without fail if we do it heartily.

SATSANG doesn’t mean attending a discourse and leave as soon as prasadam is distributed. As we have already discussed, listening is just the beginning of SATSANG followed by application and propagation. Firstly, we have to apply all we have listened in SATSANG in our day-to-day life and then extend this influence to everything and everyone who comes in our contact.

Sultani Ji or Tani Bhagat as Kambli Wale called him was the grandfather of Najar Ji, who has arranged this SATSANG, was a true example of such qualities. He used to go to Prabhu Kambli Wale for SATSANG. He would keenly listen to the discourse and then earnestly practice that in daily routine and extend that to all his companions, animate or inanimate. He would consider everything as service to divine and do even his ordinary job with utmost care and interest, chanting Guru-Mantra without any complaints or weariness. He had very little farming land yet he preserved a good portion of his crop. Periodically, he would go to Kila Raipur Ashram and conduct Bhandara (food offering) there. He used to fondly prepare all the food himself along with his family and serve the sadhus and sangat as much as he could. The interesting fact of his offering was that even though he used to feed the devotees much more than their normal diet out of love and affection yet it was always digested well. The reason is obvious that food carried the divine vibrations of Dhani Bhagat’s SATSANG.

Swami Buddh Puri Ji Maharaj and devotees celebrating Deepawali in Malke Ashram

We must revise our lesson that firstly, we have to listen to Guru’s teachings or SATSANG then by doing selfless service, jap-tap (worship and austerities), meditation we must absorb those teachings in our heart, and then whosoever comes in our contact let that be a person or a thing, we must extend the divine vibrations of SATSANG to them. These vibrations should enter very brick of our house, every atom of our atmosphere and every part of our life. Anyone coming to visit us should find peace and pleasure in that atmosphere. No doubt, it is possible. Those who have visited Malke Ashram know it well that just by entering the ashram compound you get a pleasant feeling. All the sense of fatigue or tension evaporates in no time. Besides, diseases also disappear gradually in that spiritually charged atmosphere where Surya Kriya, Agni Kriya, Sanjivani Kriya, Chanting, Austerities are but a norm. Even bodily needs of hunger and comfort reduce significantly, as pranic force awakens within by assimilating sunrays and fire waves. Let me mention the recent feedback from Dan Brule, a renowned Breathwork Teacher who says that just by being here I don’t feel hungry, just the sunrays a little water can keep me active and alive for days and even weeks.

Hereby, we may take a quick look on condition of a normal person who cannot digest even his food and depends upon medicines for the same. The reason is obvious; we are unable to transmit our SATSANG to food. In fact, we are not able to assimilate SATSANG for ourselves then how could we extend it further. We are full of sourness inside in form of diseases, lust, greed, anger, attachments and above all ego, the big I. The only way to get rid of them is to assimilate SATSANG deep within constantly and turn our focus inwards away from worldly attractions. After all, keeping our back towards God and face towards world, how could we communicate with him? We need to clear our thoughts, our intentions and our desires. Without realizing the need of SATSANG, we cannot involve in it. As long we keep worldly desires in our heart, God cannot enter within. You must bear in mind that carrying your worldly responsibilities selflessly yet earnestly with the sense of service and having God as your ultimate goal is one thing and desiring for world yet making prayers to God is entirely opposite. Make your choice NOW because earlier the better.