Aug 14, Malke, Moga: An old devotee from our home village, Malke requested for a Satsang-Sabha at his residence. Obliging wholeheartedly, Swami ji spoke over; being a householder, while performing our duties why our mind gets derailed and how can we stop it from being side-tracked. Let’s walk through it!

Glimpse from Swami Ji’s discourse:

If we c001-editedrave to do namaskara to the divine supremacy we need to go inside, and the easiest way is by chanting Om. Because Om is what He is (Ek-onkar), the timeless form (aakar). He is the only truth (Satnaam), the only doer (Kartapurakh). Everything else is mortal, transitory, and a lie. It is only by connecting with Him can we be without fear (Nirbhau), and without hatredness (Nirvair).

En route, what holds us back? Gurbani proclaims Haumai dhirag rogh hai daru bhi is mahey. Ego, I am this body, is a chronic disease. And the cure for our egoistic pride, greed and attachments is the assumption that I am His child. This is the first step. Imagine that it’s cold out there. And you have sufficient logs of wood. It is pointless to have them unless you got a matchstick to start the fire. True Guru, whose behavior speaks louder than his words, is that fire. If we gulp down Guru’s teachings, not just us but every Guru-sikh around us gets his way through this pathless path; Gurbani articulates, Mane tare tare guru sikh.

Oddly, we say that we pine for Him, and yet, He is the last on our priority list. Gurbani affirms Sukhamanee sukh amrith prabh naam. The peace of mind lies only in the nectar of His name. In Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2: Verse 14-15, Lord Krishna said, whatever work we do, it does result either in joy or in sorrow. But we must discern that it is an ongoing process and learn to endure without being distressed. Why, as such a steady person is indeed entitled to liberation (moksha). Even Gurbani affirms dukh daru sukh rog.

Consequently, be it any circumstance; let’s keep it going holding on to the practise of Guru-mantra. Only that unique one, who chooses not to be a cry-baby, gets to bathe in the amrit-sar, the pond of immortal nectar.