28th Nirvana Day Celebrations of Swami Dyalu Puri Ji, Harisar Ashram, Kila-Raipur: The scriptures declare the rare is the company of the saints; it is so rare that is hardly attainable, but if attained by some means, then it is instant fruit-bearing. What is so rare and hard about coming into touch with saints? Maharaj Ji’s discourse brought forth clearly the answer.

The true life of a saint, his grandeur lies not in his life that meets the eye; his real life is played in the deep recesses of his own being – in the ascent and descent of his own playful consciousness sporting with the Divine. An aspirant totally committed to raise himself from the clutches of the senses, mind and the ego is fit to experience the joy of a saint’s company. And the rarity of such an intense desire in the disciple is what makes the company of the saints so hard to attain.

And yet, even the earthly life of saints manifests clearly the intense inner grandeur, which inspires a pure hearted disciple to start his journey within. The life and teachings of Swami Dyalu Puri ji are witness to the grandeur of the Guru and his Grace. His inexpressible relationship and service to Kali Kambli Wale brought him complete spiritual glory; but these matters are best understood when pick up the broom and undertake the task of cleaning our own minds and hearts and create space in them for the Divine to enter.

The atmosphere created at the gathering inspired many to take responsibility for their spiritual growth and plunge into the path of Infinite Bliss. On the two evenings (8th-9th Feb.), Maharaj Ji led the session of Agni Kriya Yoga to provide a well-researched and tested base for the consciousness to take this courageous plunge.