July 10, Brampton. The last lecture of Swami Ji & Sadhvi Ji at Hindu Sabha temple on 6th last tuesday was so inspiring that not only the general audience but the board members present there were also mesmerized. The talks touched their souls deeply so that they wanted more and more of it. Considering their ardent wish aspiration nod was given for another session on coming sunday. Due to the busy schedule and lots of visitors Sadhvi Ji could not be present there. In addition to the science and chanting technique of Omkar, Swami Ji discussed about the value and objective of temples in general. Swami Ji said that when like-minded people gather and focus on single thought then obviously that thought is strengthened and the resultant energy fills the whole atmosphere. Such a powerful atmosphere will be helpfull even for a novice to delve deep. This is why mass prayer is more effective. Moreover, in a temple when a statue is established with proper rituals which is called “Prana Pratishtha” then only it it charged and responds to the prayer. Similarly we need to establish Prana inside this body too which is the living temple of the God. This is possible when you have earnest desire to meet the divine and proper guidance of an enlightened master. Considering your spiritual desire and level of awareness master will empower you through initiation and then give you a seed mantra with proper technique. Regular and proper recitation of the mantra opens the hidden channles inside. As and when you advance to higher levels, the master or the Guru guides you further. Amongst all the chaos and turmoil of this world, temples are the place where we can sit quite and restore our spiritual energy to keep our focus fixed on the goal of life and learn to pray selflessly.