Sanjivani KriyaJune 1-10, Ranikhet. The innovative Mahayoga techniques viz. Surya Kriya, Agni Kriya and Sanjivani Kriya of this mission recently reached the deepest areas of Uttarakhand. A rural development organization MAGRAS (Mawra Gram Vikas Sanstha) near Ranikhet runs a special program for local youth focused on their overall development. Under this program, they also conduct a 10-days yearly camp in which youth are guided about health, career and spiritual values.

Surya Kriya 1This year, one of their chief patrons, Mr. C. M. Bhandari who played a crucial role in organizing International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh early this year, invited Swami Suryendu Puri to impart knowledge of Mahayoga in this camp. Although the camp was focused on youngsters but after learning about these exceptional Kriya Yoga techniques and their miraculous effects, the villagers of Mawra and surrounding areas also started flooding in. Children or old, none was left behind. Just in few sittings, they could feel the energy and power of these Kriyas.


This visit was initially scheduled just for three days as Swami Ji was supposed to leave for England on 5th along with Maharaj Ji and Sadhwi Ji. However, due to the immense interest and demand of people Br. Deepak had to stay back to continue the practice for rest of the camp.