April 1-9,2017, Shabad-Surat-Sangam Ashram, Malke: The month of April brought with it another group of enthusiastic people ready to go to any extent to shape their Bodies and Minds in the 7th Body-Mind Shaping Camp. This camp is not a regular dieting program. The main emphasis is on cleansing the body and enhancing the  fire element of the body so that we can digest whatever and whenever we eat.

The basic  philosophy  behind this  venture  can  be  understood by  alluding to  the  following couplet of Shri Guru Gorakhnath:

Mote mote kulhe mote mote pete, Nahin re putaa guru syon bhent.

Guru Gorakhnath Ji wittingly states that those whose bodies are obese, cannot meet the guru (within). Sage Patanjali in the Yoga sutras states nine impediments on the path to Samadhi. The first of these is vyaadhi or illness. A fat, obese body is a sure invitation to a host of diseases. It itself is a sign of the body having fallen from the peak of health, strength and vitality. Thus, it is to smoothen the entry into the inner realm that these camps, focused on physical well‐being (at least to start with) are being held. What we eat is not properly digested and the waste is not totally eliminated. Over a period of time these waste products accumulate within the body which leads to many kinds of diseases.

This year also 27 Females & 24 Male Participants from all over the country gathered to shed those walls of fat and come closer to the infinite energy source within. The result was an Avg. weight loss of 6.04 KGs for Ladies with highest being 8.1 KGs. The Avg. weight loss for Gents was 7.5 KGs with highest being 9.2 KGs. Sugar, BP and thyroid levels came under the ideal range without any medication.Dancing (3)

A session with Swami Ji daily, helped participants to keep their focus on the real goal behind the apparent  push  to lose weight. Basics like how to how to clean your bowels, how to stand, walk and shower were also discussed in those sessions. The day ended with a light laughter and dancing session, refreshing all the participants and recharging them for the coming day.

Even as we write these last lines, all the participants are still undergoing a special routine that will follow for 40 days after the camp and continuing their weight loss journey.

Feedback From the Participants-

“I came in this camp to lose weight and i did lose 9.2 kgs but that was not all. I have learned how to live a healthy happy life. I want to thank Swami Ji for giving me a second life.”- Robinder Singh (Delhi)

“I was suffering from high BP since the last 10 to 15 years. But after attending this camp my BP has fallen to the ideal range without any medication. Other than that i lost 8 kgs. I feel so light and energetic. I’ve never had an experience like this before.”- Raj Rani (Chandigarh)

“I tried so many things to reduce the fat around my belly but nothing helped. After attending this camp all the fat around the belly is gone. It’s not just my body but the mind is also lighter. This camp has changed my Life.”- G.Z. Tumkunte (Karnataka)

“I have increased stamina and feel so energetic. This camp changes the way you think about eating food and about the way you live your life. Great experience.”- Sudheeksha Garg (Cochin)

“Attending this camp was the best decision of my life”- Amandeep Singh (Delhi)

“I lost 8.6 kgs in this camp. Feel so light and energetic. It was a very nice experience”- Rajesh Mishra (Dahod, Gujarat)

“I have never had an experience like this before. I feel so energetic and light. I’ll ask all my friends to have an experience like this. Amazing experience.”- Kanak Patel (Nasik, Maharashtra)

“My BP problem has dissapeared and I’ve learned a lot. It was an amazing experience.”- Avina Rajgaria (Kolkata)

“This camp is a golden chance that nobody should miss”- Kritika Sharma (Delhi)

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