Birth anniversary of ‘Kambli wale’…


14 April 2018, Harisar Ashram, Kila Raipur: In Punjab, the festival of Baisakhi is celebrated with great pomp and show, as new crop gets ready for the upcoming year. And as for an aspirant of inner divine journey, this day holds even more significance as it also marks the birth anniversary of our beloved, kali kambli wale. Sharing the tales from His time spent amongst the devotees around, Sadhvi Ji addressed those gathered inspiring them to believe that the only inevitable source of happiness each one of us most certainly seek is within, and the one holding the map to get through is saints, or more specifically, our Guru!

Let’s embrace the gist of it!

A glimpse of Sadhvi Ji’s discourse:

2The sole purpose of Saints to visit this Earth is to guide us. About what; that the only goal of this human birth is to connect to our source within, provided that we seek it filled with devotion and curiosity. Life of Saints is more like that of Ganga, within whom souls irrespective of their reasons surrender one self out of love and respect; and therefore satiates that unfulfilling hunger that somehow abides by incessantly.

Here, what’s important is to stay connected. Again, if we take an example of a stone who firmly sits inside an ever-flowing river like Ganga (who aims to finally connect to that ultimate source one day for sure), would surely melt away some day, gets dissolved and therefore too makes its way to the final abode. Similarly, if a Guru lover –who choses to be consciously and positively persistent, having patience as a jewel in the hold– is to realize completeness, contentedness, or enlightenment.

Patience also must not be mistaken with being lethargic, i.e. when it is to happen, it will happen. Instead there should be a mindset, the goal being my ‘necessary and sufficient’ intense desire. Be like a farmer who doesn’t rest just upon sowing the seed. His every move is focused towards the goal. Don’t get disheartened. Stay inspired; how, by connecting with the guide, the Guru and His Sat-sanga.