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9 July 2017, Harisar Ashram, Kila Raipur: It was time for the Guru Purnima celebrations and that too in the much-awaited presence and of course the blessings of our beloved Swami Buddh Puri Ji Maharaj. What made this event more special was that He was back after spending nine months in some unknown place all-alone doing Samadhi Sadhana.

A speechlessly great enthusiasm was witnessed amongst devotees who had gathered from all across the world to revere these divine moments. Let’s get showered too!

A glimpse from Maharaj Ji’s discourse

xxx MG_2Guru Purnima; it’s rather a very hot, bright and sunny day. And if we could digest it, i.e. do not react howsoever to people/circumstances (complaining that he said this and that to me, time is not favorable, there are a lot of difficulties), then it would be real celebration filled with the serenity of moon.

Here, even karma is not to be blamed at. Just get yourself to surrender at the lotus feet of Guru. Howsoever bad we might think of ourselves to be, once surrendered, eventually it would take us to the pool of divine nectar that would wash away all the karma and sorrows. For that to happen, let your ego burn underneath the teachings, the divine command of Guru. How, we shall see in a while. Before that..

Q: What is the nature (swaroop) of Guru whose command we need to surrender at? Guru cannot be confined to one body unlike how most of us perceive him to be. Gurbani says, Aad Guray Nameh, Jugaad Guray Nameh, Sat Guray Nameh, Siri Guru Dayvay Nameh. Guru is just one. He was here even before His creation (that each one of us make sense of through our senses) existed, He is here now and, would remain to be so ever after. And so the body we see is a medium through which that divine heritage gets passed on, making the one who passes such no less than Himself, i.e. one and only Him, and so worthy of similar stature.

Q: Nothing is greater than Guru. Why? Inside this body there is eternity that goes beyond imagination. And the only key to this is our Guru, who is always with us and within us in the form of his mantra. All we need to do is practice, i.e. insert this key in the ego formed lock and get pass the door which is the body of the Guru we see; the body that will appear within our heart eventually. And then we shall see Him everywhere and not confined to just one, our Guru.

Q: Without surrender, He cannot be realized. How? Without surrendering, ego would not come to cease playing its games. Until so, we might keep on doing howsoever we deem it fit based on our kaam (lust), krodh (rage), lobh (greed), moh (attachment), and ahankar (conceit), which would continue to get empowered because we choose to keep on running towards the momentary gratifications (Shabd, Sparsh, Roop, Ras, Gandha‑ sound, tangibility, form or color, taste and smell or odour) that this fleeting world has to offer.

And so, we must surrender saying that, ‘hari main jaiso taiso tero’, i.e. howsoever I might be, I belong to You. Also this doesn’t mean we keep on crying and jabbering that I am a sinner, get dismayed or disheartened. Need is to recognize our present true self and most importantly by being honest i.e. not cheating our very own self at least. If I am greedy, or angry, or have fascinations, accept it. And then at the same time know that our Guru is much greater fire than these and therefore is capable to digest it all, should we wish that. Or should we choose to be honest with Guru by presenting our true self than sugarcoated words defining us mighty fine even if we are at a mess within.

Q: When we say we must surrender to Guru’s command. What is this command? When we surrender unto Guru’s command from Sadhana’s viewpoint, Guru presents us with a Guru-mantra and then we call ourselves to be his. Practice of this manta is the biggest command that we ought to obey. Here we must understand that just parrot like recitation wouldn’t suffice. Meaning of the mantra must also go through mind all along. Meaning, that this mantra is a form of my beloved Guru itself, i.e. only most cherished relationship, lone friend, and sole guide of mine. Meaning, that I am not this body. It’s a door and so I must not keep on sitting at its step. Meaning, that I am His excerpt.

 Meanwhile, we have…

1) ribbon cut

… the newly inaugurated Sadhna Mandir here as His home. Sadhna Mandir where sculpture of Swami Mewa Puri Ji Maharaj, beloved Guru of our beloved Kambli wale was enthroned next to the Samadhi of Kambli wale. And what better than the auspicious day of Guru Purnima..

4) MG_bowing
A place where we can ask Him whatsoever we desire for. However if we would instead request for key to the door within it would be granted even faster…

2) MG_adressing

… Also, more than coming and staying during the day, it is preferable that one comes in the evening and stays overnight instead. This would help us rise beyond ‘me and mine comfort, and my house’.

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Summarizing, keep on practicing Guru-mantra whether you are awake or asleep, or eating or walking. a) Make it your first job in the morning and most importantly, b) let that be filled with love. c) Follow proper methodology, because it’s a jewel and that too priceless. So, why to waste and lose this time in ephemeral pleasures? Let’s go for it!