July 19, Shabad Surati Sangam Ashram, Malke, Moga: ‘
Guru purnima’, being the most awaited occasion of the year holds a special place in every devotee’s heart. This year was no different. While celebrating the world’s exceptionally beautiful communion that exists between the Guru and a disciple Sadhvi Ji took us through the ideal signs of a true seeker. It was followed by Swami Ji’s intense discourse, although stern but much needed truth just so that we can buckle-up for a long drive to our only destination. Let’s wake up and smell the Brue!

Glimpse from Sadhvi Ji’s discourse:

sycpIndia is a land of festivals. Every now and then, we have some occasion for celebration. Today, we have gathered here from various parts of the country to celebrate this divine day we know as ‘Guru Purnima’. The question – what makes this day divine? Why do we need a Guru at the first place? Gurbani says, “Ae man aisa Satguru khoj le, jin seveye janam maran sab jaye, guru bin koi paar na payee”, O mind, search for a divine soul, the Guru who can take us across this never-ending cycle of life & death. It is only the Guru who can help us get away from the darkest region of ignorance to the light of knowledge and bliss.

Once blessed so, all we need to do is putrefy our ego under Guru’s command. But, on the contrary, we are just after a better lifestyle, more and more wealth, and a sound body without doing anything on our part. Know this, the day we actually prioritize our Guru over every other living soul and the materialistic comforts is the day we’ll become a Gurusikh, a true devotee. And this is the day when our Sadhana begins.

Life of the queen Kunti from Mahabharata that how she chose to have thorns over a bed of roses just so that she can devote her every single waking moment in His memory, is a commendable example of a selfless sadhana. Yet another one is that of a majestic king Harishchandra who, within a dream itself, gave up his entire kingdom to Vishwamitra and then when time came didn’t reconsider giving up his way to heaven just so that he can be of some service to his people. The discourse was concluded identifying such to be the ideal signs of a true devotee. It is this perseverance, devotion and affection at Guru’s lotus feet, such intense desire that makes this ‘Guru purnima’ special.

Glimpse from Swami Ji’s Discourse:

sspThroughout our lives, starting from school to any other worldly endeavors, we juggle around trying to tie every single loose end in spite of knowing that it is fleeting, a slump in the darkest dungeon. Yes, we know it all! And on top of that we choose to act smart enough to think of it –sampuran brahma gyan– the final divinity; to be a child’s play, the effortless surmount. It is more like a statutory warning –yahan sir deke hote hain saud, ye aashiqui itni sasti nahi hai– mind it! It is suicidal and not worth pennies!

Let’s be very clear, death and liberation are not the same. And if we believe ourselves to be just a body who’ll die one day then, my friend, we are very much mistaken. Without the body, whose liberation are we talking about? Know this; we were not born to die. Death is not our destiny! And yet we die because we do not how to live. Simply and purely, all it means is that we have failed. We must appreciate; Sharir madhyam khalu hum sadhna, this body is the medium to perform Sadhana. Once we get our head around this, it’s time to seek Guru’s solace. The moment He whispers the divine Guru-mantra through our soul, we get the technique; a technique akin to a fish who can reach all the way up the hill swimming opposite to the fast-flowing downstream current, if she abides by it. By abiding we mean leaving no stone untouched being in Guru’s command as he is the only kick who will take us to the goal point.

The need of the hour is to construct a heart-to-heart bridge so strong that Gurost moon vyakyanam, regardless of Guru’s silence we go a long way where there is no more need of exchanging any sort of dialogue. Let affection be so strong that the byproduct is just my Guru (tu hi tu, main nahi!), i.e. the notion of duality disappears and a unity takes place. Truly, the day that happens is the day when true ‘Guru purnima’ will get fêted.