March 12, Maloya, Chandigarh: Like every year, the devotees of Chandigarh were at full swing to celebrate yet another Holi embellished with love, devotion and enthusiasm. Both Swami Suryendu Puri ji and Sadhvi Yoganjali Chaitanya Puri ji graced the occasion by their presence and then sharing the words of wisdom, which was to be followed by long awaited flower shower. Let us too drink some drops of the divine nectar. Shall we? 

A glimpse from Sadhvi Ji’s discourse:

IMG_9564Holi that we have gathered around to celebrate today involves the playfulness with divine color. A color that neither gets contaminated nor does it leave any mark; a color that is available at just one place which is none other than the lotus feet of our beloved Guru.

Usually, when we need to color something the base is kept white because whiter the base, higher the absorption. However, if our base is black, no matter whatsoever color we add, black would never seem to lose its existence. Right? Similarly, we are colored with worldly desires so deep that even when we wish to embrace the divinity, our Guru it ends up being superficial.

These colors we are pre-colored with are classified as to be made of lust (kaam), rage (krodh), greed (lobh), attachment (moh), conceit (ahankar). Now, how to get past those to have a clear slate?

Sharing the illustrations from the lives of Meera, Prahlada, and Dhruva (i.e. how, they got colored with His true love without bothering a bit about the world, enduring pain and insult all along), at the crux of it all it is us who needs to make a choice, world or its very Creator. And in order to make apt decision, we must participate in satsangas. Having completely surrendered unto Guru’s command and dipped in the water of faith eventually, His presence would be felt everywhere. Just the way Eknath did feel. And this, dear friends, is the secret towards getting colored; a permanent one you see.


A glimpse from Swami Ji’s discourse:

17203131_10207301655654473_5295983215464803225_nPretty much all of us have read or know it by the word of mouth that He is the eternal mine to happiness. Right? And yet we make next to no effort to raise even a foot towards Him. No doubt that in today’s world, after witnessing show-off even at most of these so-called religious organizations we tend to loose our faith. But if we peek within ourselves, we are no different. In this regard, an instance that all of us can very well relate to is food. Almost every other day we see someone on his or her deathbed. That person is dying in spite of the fact that he had been eating throughout his lives. And yet, we cannot get over the myth that, ‘if we will not eat, we will die.’ Wouldn’t we call this being deliberately ignorant?

Truth is that we do not even wish to have a reality check. We have covered ourselves so thick with the worldly walls crafted of petty and perishable joys and sorrows that we cannot visualize the bigger and ultimate picture. And if we cannot dare to look beyond these trivialities, how can we even imagine digesting it all.

But, let bygones be bygones. Why not start now, afresh? Why not choose Him over this world? Why not keep Him, the highest authority as our only priority? It is all about silver lining your mind.

Swami Ji