16 August 2020 :- Due to the prevailing (COVID-19) circumstances yet another program was celebrated via a live event on Facebook through which the devotees offered their reverence in the lotus feet of Swami Dev Puri Ji Maharaj (Kambli Wale).

Sadhvi Ji spoke about what the real flowers of reverence are since ordinary (worldly) flowers wither after some time and hence cannot be a real offering. The real flowers of reverence would be something that the Guru loves, something that makes him happy. So what would those flowers be?

अहिंसा प्रथमं पुष्पं पुष्पं इन्द्रियनिग्रह :

सर्वभूत दया पुष्पं क्षमा पुष्पं विशेषत : ।

ज्ञान पुष्पं तप: पुष्पं शान्ति पुष्पं तथैव च

सत्यं अष्टविधं पुष्पं विष्णो : प्रीतिकरं भवेत्  ।।

Ahimsa Prathamam Pushpam Pushpam Indriya Nigraha

Sarvabhuta Daya Pushpam Kshama Pushpam Visheshatah ।

Jnana Pushpam Tapah Pushpam Shanthi Pushpam Thathaiva cha

Satyam Ashtavidham Pushpam Vishnoh Preetikaram Bhavet ।।

  • 2No violence of any sort (Mansa-Vacha-Karmna = thoughts-speech-action) should be conducted on anybody.
  • Have control over the senses, i.e. the senses and the prana through them should be diverted inwards. If we’ll let our senses wander towards the materialistic desires then they will not go inwards and that means we’ll not get closer to our true selves which in turn becomes a cause of sorrow and unrest.
  • Compassion towards all beings. This compassion can be achieved only after we realize non-violence and control over the senses. Once the mind is calm and loving towards others and our senses are controlled and content, the feeling of compassion will automatically arise and grow tremendously.
  • Forbearance – We all are the child of the same energy. It’s just that some know better and some don’t. It’s like one is a grown-up tree and the other one is a sapling waiting to become the same grown-up tree someday. The ones who don’t, can be thought of as our younger selves as they don’t know as much as we do and hence can be forgiven.
  • Right knowledge – Devotion-Contemplation-Absorption of the path suggested by Guru; believing that these are for me.
  • Abide by Truth. Truth is just His name. We often boast that I am saying the truth that I do not recite His name. But this is rather a lie. Because Truth is just His name and nothing else.

These would be the true flowers of reverence. Even during socializing, one must be aware of these. Then alone we can strive on the path of knowledge, devotion, selfless service just the way Gurudev did.

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