May 14, 2020 :-

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On the occasion of the Nirvana Day of Swami Meva Puri Ji and the auspicious Sankranti, a live and collective recitation of the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra aiming for world peace was organized.

And before that Sadhvi Ji, obliging the humble request of the devotees, recited the verses from the Barah Maha Paath associated with the month of Jeth, decoding which she said, “As we know that weather in the month of Jeth is quite hot. Likewise, the Sun (Our ego) is at its brightest. The cool breeze of air is received through the company of saints (or through following their teachings just the way in the current scenario when we are in lockdown due to the ongoing corona pandemic) in the form of devotion, service, and knowledge. One must sincerely focus on the means to rise above and beyond the ever fickling mind. We must abide by the practice of reciting the Guru mantra. That’s the only and eternal solution to be free from all kinds of shackles”.

A glimpse of some of those divine moments is being shared here –

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